About us

Criipto is a Copenhagen based company aiming to revolutionise how personal data is shared, storedand processed. We believe in online privacy for all and neat and simple solutions.

The sectors we serve: finance, fintech, medical, education, real estate, insurance, accountancy, sharingeconomy, legal and peer to peer.

Our team

Niels Flensted-Jensen

Co-founder, CEO

Software engineer, entrepreneur, management, sales, 15 years in identity and access management.

Mikkel Christensen

Co-founder, CTO

Theoretical physicist turned software developer. Security, crypto, industrial quality software.

Trine Madsen

Brand, UX and product design

Architect, application designer, UX expert. 20 years with serious usability and design integration.

Anna Halsall

Brand, product and business dev

Design, brand building, marketing. 10 years in London and Amsterdam startups, including two of her own.

Contact us

Criipto ApS

Suomisvej 4

1927 Frederiksberg