Seamless migration from NemID to MitID

Danish NemID
NemID - the current Danish e-ID

Digital identification at the highest trust level with two factor authentication. The safest and most secure way to identify your customers. Trusted by banks and government - and you.

Danish MitID
MitID - next generation of Danish e-ID

MitID is the next generation successor to NemID, the Danish e-ID that has been in use since 2010. It is better suited for the many new requirements and usage scenarios that has appeared the last 10 years. MitID will launch in the fall of 2021 and will be completely phased in by summer 2022. MitID requires you to integrate via a certified MItID broker such as Criipto.

How it works - in 1 minute

Moving from NemID to MitID

What is the impact of the switch from NemID to MitID?

For all current NemID service providers, the switch to MitID brings a new login experience for your users, and you will have to change your UI flow to accomodate MitID. On the technical integration side, you are required to integrate with a MitID broker such as Criipto, implying a switch to the OpenID Connect federated authentication protocol.

How to manage NemID and MitID coexistence?

When the first users migrate from NemID to MitID in the late 2021, you will need to support both NemID and MitID for a period of at least 6 months until NemID is fully phased out.

With Criipto you will get a seamless identity migration path as we make it transparent whether users log in with NemID or MitID.

How does Criipto support the migration?

By switching your NemID intgration to Criipto now, you will be technically set for for MitID as well. All that is required is to send a different value of the parameter specifying the kind of authentication chosen. How to integrate is described in our getting started documentation.

How can we start testing MitID?

MitID goes live with the first users in October 2021, but you can already now try out the MitID flow in test. Nothing technical is required on your part, as we will show MitID side by side" with NemID even if you just request NemID authentication. Do note that you will need to create test user accounts for MitID.