Hello early birds!

GDPR* is coming (doom doom doom), but fear not!
Sign up to Criipto Share’s Early Bird offer and stay compliant when collecting ID documentation.


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DKK 1,080

DKK 324

per year


Up to 3 requests/month

DKK 9.00

per request


DKK 12,000

DKK 3,600

per year


Up to 40 requests/month

DKK 7.50

per request


DKK 21,600

DKK 6,480

per year


Up to 120 requests/month

DKK 4.50

per request

What Criipto Share offers


Request and collect personal documents securely and compliantly


Improve your admin efficiency


Avoid fines for non compliance


Keep your customers safe and happy

How it works

Included in the package

Fixed amount of transactions 70% off (see plans) for 12 months

Company account, where you can invite colleagues to join

Your subscription period only starts the day you request the first set of identity documents

Zero knowledge encryption for requested documents. Which is technical jargon and means that Criipto does not have access.

Option to request the clients to log in with NemID (or other e-IDs) for user verification

History of collected/shared documents