Frontend developers and designers

No matter how great a back-end services we built, most of our success is still generated by people using and appreciating the front-end we put on top of the APIs.

We are looking for designers very strong in design with a working understanding of code. You form great concepts and concrete design for developers to implement directly or to use as the basis for detailed design of UX elements.

And we need front-end developers possibly with more of a computer science background. Still, you are design savy enough that you can probably solve some minor to medium design challenges, given an overall concept.

Currently we employ AngularJS for front-end logic, we like Typescript, but if you can argue your case for something else, we will listen.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to drop Niels a line at to have us set up a call.

Or just send your application right away, and remember to explain why you would like to join us and what your contribution would be.