Development of software samples and demos

We need help in demonstrating the beauty of our product to our users. We need samples, recipes, demos, etc. to show the world just how simple it is. The goal is to attract more interest and make it much simpler to become a paying customer!

Therefore we need you to help us design and construct the samples, put them on GitHub, document the process, implement cool demos, and what else we can do to show the world - the world of fellow software developers, of course - just how great we are.

As an example of how we write about our software check this article.


To succeed we suspect you have some of these qualities and aspirations:

  • Keen interest and some experience in software development
  • Experience in front-end development
  • Like to write about software
  • Want to become a recognized GitHub contributor
  • Future hardcore developer at Criipto
  • or future growth marketeer at Criipto

If you can recognize yourself in this then get in touch for a test of your abilities. We will agree on your task which could be something like a sketch of an article about integrating an application to Criipto, program a small demo app, or something else that demonstrates your abilities relative to this job.


If you have the right skills and experience, we would like to work with you fulltime or parttime, as an employee or in a freelance role:

  • You can spend part of the time in our office in Holte (a mansion in the most beautiful spot on the lake)
  • You can start soon
  • We will pay you a competitive salary
  • If you grow with us, you may move to other roles such as product development or content production

Send your resumé

If you want to know more or send us your resumé, drop Niels an email at Or drop by our office. It’s in Holte, north of Copenhagen, in the woods and with a view.

Come to see us

If we agree that there might be a match, please drop by for a coffee if you want to get a first hand impression of your potential new work environment.

View of the office

View of the office

At Criipto we enjoy each others company and we appreciate spending time in the office together. That said we do encourage remote work if that works for you - it certainly does for us.