BankID and Vipps Login in one go

Norwegian BankID
BankID: Safe and secure

Digital identification at the highest trust level with two factor authentication. The safest and most secure way to identify your customers. Trusted by banks and government - and you.

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Swedish BankID
Vipps Login: Convenience you can trust

A simpler login experience is nowhere to be found. Vipps, and your customer is logged in! With Vipps Login usernames and passwords will be a thing of the past.

Read more Vipps product info and the FAQ on their site.

How it works - in 1 minute

Using Vipps Login and BankID
authentication together

How are they different?

Vipps Login - or Logg inn med Vipps as it is called in Norwegian - is very convenient and provides a lot of verified information about the user, such as phone number, email, and home address. BankID on the other hand securely identifies the user by name and social security number with a very high level of trust.

Do they have the same security?

Vipps Login is extremely convenient, but not at the same level of security as BankID. BankID on the other hand is a very secure but slightly less convenient way of authentication. Also you can use BankID for signing of documents, such as contracts and transactions.

What is the benefit of combining the two?

If you combine the two, Vipps Login and BankID, you may achieve the perfect combination of convenience and trust. Allow your users to onboard and log in with Vipps Login. Then take them through an additional step-up authentication with BankID for more sensitive interactions.

How do I accept Vipps Login and BankID in my app?

You can sign up for Criipto Verify and setup your app to perform authentication through our service. Once you have completed the technical integration you can switch between Vipps Login and BankID by simply indicating the choice of authentication in the request to Criipto.