Safe and compliant
document collection,
sharing and storage

Safe and compliant document collection, sharing and storage

What’s Criipto Share?

GDPR & KYC Compliance

Criipto Share helps your company stay compliant when handling and managing customers’ personal data.

We verify your customers' documents and make sure your customers’ data stay safe.

Encrypted document sharing

Criipto Share uses Zero Knowledge Encryption to ensure safety of your clients’ personal documents.

Our service provides top security and is extremely user friendly.

Lowered admin costs

Criipto Share makes document collection, storage and management quick and easy.

Our service significantly decreases the time you spend on handling your customers’ personal documents.


Save time and stay compliant

Did you know that requesting, processing and storing personal documents from you clients takes on average 15 minutes? Criipto Share will reduce it to a few minutes and keep you compliant.

  • Quick and safe document request
  • Zero Knowledge Encryption document sharing
  • GDPR and KYC compliance

How Criipto Share works


1. Text message

After you request documents from your client, he/she gets a text message with a link to your request. The process is encrypted with Zero Knowledge Encryption protocol.


2. e-ID veryfication

You can specify in your request that your client signs in with NemID (or other e-ID) in order to verify the user and hers/his documents.


3. Snap Snap

The user takes photos of requested documents or uploads them from his/hers phone.

The user will also be able to upload the files from his/hers computer if they are using a desktop instead of a smartphone.


4. That’s it!

The user shares the files with you, and you can download the files safely and securely.

Why is Criipto Share good for business?


Stay GDPR, KYC Compliant

From May 2018 all businesses handling clients’ personal data will have to comply with the new EU legislation (GDPR). Criipto Share helps your business stay compliant and avoid potential fines.


Save time

Criipto Share helps your business run more efficiently, so you don’t waste your time on requesting, scanning, storing and managing your customers’ personal data.


Keep your customers safe and hassle-free

Criipto Share makes sure your customers stay safe and protected when sharing their personal documents with your business online.

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