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Pricelist for
Swedish BankID

Apart from you subscription for Criipto Verify, you will be paying for actually consumed transactions (logins, signatures, lookup of social security numer) from the underlying national or bank provided e-ID service.

Please see below the prices charged by our Swedish BankID partner, Swedbank, but invoiced and collected by Criipto.

Note that this will be invoiced monthly based on you actual consumption.

Fixed fees

The only fixed fee is the annual base fee for managing the processes with the Swedish BankID infrastructure.

        Price (SEK)
One time setup fee -
Annual certificate fee 1,000

Consumption fees

Actual consumption of BankID transactions is charged according to the table below.

Note that your total price is calculated as the number of tranactions x the unit price.

You consume one unit everytime a use successfully logs in or signs a document with BankID. Failed transactions do not count.

        Per transaction (SEK)
Authentication 0.20
Signature 1.00

No other fees apply. Social security numbers (“personnummer” in Swedish) are always delivered at no extra cost.