Criipto Verify Pricing

Choose a plan*

*Criipto fee only; fees for underlying national/bank e-ID billed separately


DKK 320

logins or signatures

DKK 0.32 per transaction if you use more than 1,000 transactions.


DKK 2,900

logins or signatures

DKK 0.29 per transaction if you use more than 10,000 transactions.


DKK 10,400

logins or signatures

DKK 0.26 per transaction if you use more than 40,000 transactions.

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1. Set up free trial

  1. Sign up - no credit card required
  2. Register your application with Criipto Verify
  3. Configure your application for OpenID Connect
  4. Log in with test users in your app (unlimited test log ins)

2. Move to production

  1. Register with e-ID providers to get a certificate. It may take a days to weeks to get it, so be sure to allow enough time
  2. Choose your Criipto Verify paid plan
  3. Upload the certificate from your e-ID provider
  4. Register your production DNS domain.
  5. Regsiter you production application
  6. Log in real users in your application

e-ID provider fees

Your national e-ID provider fees are added to your Criipto Verify fees. E-ID fees are consumption based.
Please note you may need to register separately with your chosen e-ID provider(s) directly.

Danish NemID

One time setup fee: DKK 0.00
Price per login: DKK 1.04
Price per signature: DKK 1.04
Billing: NemID will charge your business directly

Pricing details

Swedish BankID

One time setup fee: SEK 0.00
Price per login: SEK 0.20
Price per signature: SEK 1.00
Billing: Billed monthly by Criipto unless you have your own agreement with your bank.

Pricing details

Finnish BankID and Mobile Certificate

One time setup fee: EUR 0.00
Combined fee for first 1,000 logins: EUR 200
Price per login after first 1,000: EUR 0.05
Billing: Billed monthly by Criipto

Norwegian BankID

One time setup fee: NOK 1,500
Price per per login: NOK 1.20
Price per signing: NOK 3.85
Billing: Billed monthly by Criipto

Pricing details


Under development. Coming soon to Criipto Verify

How to configure your application

We have a few blog posts explaining how to hook up to Criipto Verify in an application.

How to register with your national e-ID provider and get a certificate

We will provide more guidance. For now just reach out and we will help you.

Do you have questions?

Get in touch via our chat service. Find it in the bottom right corner :)